KoffeyKulturKampf 2: Why are Democrats averting their gaze as Democrats enable Dan Coffey?


(John Gonder’s side of the story is here)

The Green Mouse has been told that Dan Coffey plans a triumphant encore presentation of his Cantina Prayer Revival Meeting for the next city council gathering on Thursday, June 18.

Conversely, those supporters of basic human rights and freedoms savagely maligned by Coffey’s televised anti-social behavior on June 1st already had announced their intention of massing at the next meeting.

Are you ready to rumble?

There’ll be denunciations of Coffey, amen-accented praise for Coffey, with cheering and tongues and cat-calling and snarls, all of it immensely enriching for the sole corporeal entity in New Albany that really matters, for the star of the big show, for the straw that stirs the Shirley Temple — this being Dan Coffey, himself.

On Friday, expect Coffey’s wardrobe mirror to shatter out of sheer envy.

And yet still, a week later, not a peep has been heard to emerge from the Democratic Party or Mayor Jeff Gahan.

The Disneyesque monetization of capital projects continues. The re-election feast rolls forward. The hologram is unpacked and repacked. We fall ever further behind Jeffersonville.

It seems as though only the city’s younger Democrats are the only ones to see the damage, and are asking a very good question: Dan Coffey’s YOUR mess, after all, so where’s the party and mayor during all this?

Previously NAC explored the topic here: ON THE AVENUES: Dan Coffey speaks for Jeff Gahan and the Democratic Party … unless they say otherwise.

John Gonder’s typically thoughtful explanation yesterday was greeted with a smattering of applause at Facebook, but isn’t there a surreal quality to Democrats congratulating a Democrat for his solution to havoc wreaked by … a Democrat?

The Democratic machine controls power in this town. Why then is Dan Coffey happening, and if his behavior is undesirable, why was John’s compromise defeated?

Because fellow Democrats voted against him, that’s why. Is it by design that this gang can’t even shoot straight?

Does the Democratic Party even have a leader?

For those outside the party, excluded from the pork barrel (and Coffey himself certainly has not been), this appears savagely hypocritical. In fact, Coffey and the mayor have worked in concert for months to undermine Gonder.

Again, why should any of us outside the machine shed the first tear for any of it?

And, for Democrats like Gonder and those of like mind who grasp his essential progressive wisdom amid the current Machiavellian ordeal, why keep crawling back to the organization that’s doing the whipping?

By acquiescing to Coffey’s antics, both party and mayor implicitly endorse them.

If you’re a Democrat, how can you continue to support anti-Democratic elements like these?