Vintage Coffey Klatch: “Let me explain by threatening you.”


It’s a far cry from the infamous Copperhead incident, or the various other threats Dan Coffey has issued over the years, but yesterday he took to the pages of social media to gently caress the blog.

Dan Coffey
Roger, thanks for an older picture of me. I have a lot more hair in this picture. Let me know if you need any of your postings from the past 3 years. I’m sure you will be able to use them fo your upcoming campaign. I”ll do my best to help get them out in the public for you.

NA Confidential
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This week’s scorecard:

Dan Coffey’s homophobic council tantrum: The Video.

Longtime homophobe Coffey offers heartfelt prayer for his “lying piece of (expletive)” colleague.

Prayer duly restored, the Ayatollah Coffey will now decide whether your religion deserves his stamp of approval.