Whither “Jeff Gahan Presents: Aquatic Center and Jiffy Lube”?


The Green Mouse was chatting with an insider who’s been eyeing the possibilities on the outside.

What’s up with the aquatics center?

First off, we delayed the opening to June 15th or 18th. Right now the pool is just concrete, still needs to be sealed and painted, and then electrical and plumbing finished — not to mention finishing all of the building-out around it, like parking lots and concession stands being finished. I don’t see it hitting anywhere close to the revised dates.

But then what?

Well, now we’re staying away from advertising any opening day at all. We don’t want to advertise something that can’t be predicted.

I’ve heard that the pool manager’s salary is $70,000 per annum. What’s happening with that?

(strange … but the connection went dead)