Inside Indiana Business says Jeffersonville begins in New Washington, ends in Corydon, and News and Tribune obsequiously wags its tail.


In this 12:30 p.m. update, Ian Hall reports: “They are filming at The Exchange on Monday afternoon during lunch, and I will be part of the interview at Flat 12. I’ll do my best to represent the Big NA!”

Inside Indiana Business always has been a shameless cheerleader for the usual “chamber of commerce” economic development suspects, so naturally we’d expect One Southern Indiana and River Ridge to be the prime targets for the program’s field trip to our region.

Which prompts a logical question: How to define “our” region?

Don’t ask the News and Tribune to answer this question. The newspaper is far too busy positioning itself as the regional player it really isn’t.

As an example of the Indy-centric tone deafness of Inside Indiana Business, consider that when choosing a place to anchor the proceedings, it’s an Indianapolis brewery’s satellite location (where actual brewing has yet to commence), and not a long-term and truly local business. Naturally, I’m no enemy of Flat12, and I’m speaking not as a director on the Brewers of Indiana Guild, but as a New Albany resident who knows what the word “symbolism” implies.

Also, consider the manner by which the News and Tribune (sickeningly scrambling to insert itself as an “insider”) ) frames this: “Southern Indiana” and “Southeastern Indiana.” And yet, according to the article itself, everything about the visit will pertain to Jeffersonville (and Clark County) alone.

Apparently no one at the newspaper would think to ask: “But Gerry Dick, if it’s about the region as a whole, why is the exclusive focus on one part of the region to the exclusion of the rest?”

Jeeebus — the usual Koch empowerment suspects, crowding the trough, with the servile News and Tribune filching scraps. That’s our daily reality. The only way to change it is from the grassroots up.

Getting down to business in Southern Indiana, by Danielle Grady

SOUTHERN INDIANA — The 17-year-old program Inside Indiana Business has never traveled to Southeastern Indiana for one of its “on the road” specials, but it was the first idea that host Gerry Dick and the show’s staff latched onto this year.

“[Southeastern Indiana’s] a part of the state that has tremendous potential,” said Dick.

Three or four times a year, Inside Indiana Business leaves its Indianapolis studio and abandons the regular format to comprehensively highlight areas of the state for a half-hour show. This year’s schedule includes visits to Northwest Indiana, Fort Wayne and two other unplanned areas, but on Monday, Dick will be heading to Jeffersonville and setting up at Flat 12 Bierwerks.
It was a “no-brainer,” he said.

“When you look at areas that are going to be the next great area … It might just be Southeast Indiana,” he said.

Inside Indiana Business has already ran stories on the region, but it’s the things happening with the Ohio River Bridges Project, River Ridge Commerce Center and the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville that have spurred the program to take a prolonged peek.

Dick plans on showcasing several Indiana businesses and areas of economic interest during his trip, including Schimpff’s Confectionery, Weber Group, America Place Business Park, Adrienne and Co. and the aforementioned projects and businesses.

He will interview Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to focus on the combined economic efforts of the cities.

Dick also plans an “insider’s panel” featuring representatives from One Southern Indiana, Jeffersonville government and the News and Tribune.