New Albany’s new slogan: “Truck Through City” … Part 90: When holograms cry.

Irony, Gahan-style.

On Sunday, just as Boomtown was beginning, Mayor Jeff Gahan sidled over to my Flea Off Market Row booth.

At least, I think it was Gahan. He seemed oddly nonplussed, but at any rate, we chatted briefly. I pointed to the books we were selling, and asked if he was familiar with any of them.

That one, he gestured. “It’s a good one.”

“Ah, yes indeed,” I replied: “Too bad it’s taking us far too long to do the right thing.”

Gahan registered surprise: “Really? Do you think it’s taking too long?”

“Absolutely. Spring Street’s a mess, Jeff. It’s dangerous for the neighborhood, designed only for pass-through speeding.”

“Hmm. Do you think it’s dangerous?”

“Yes,” I said, “and since the Main Street project started, all the heavy trucks coming over to Spring Street are ruining our quality of life.”

Gahan countered: “Really? Do you think they’re actually diverting?”

#548 in an ongoing series.

I was beginning to notice a certain pattern in the mayor’s responses, and considered making the statement that the moon is crafted from Limburger cheese, only so I could hear him ask me, “do you really think the moon’s crafted from Limburger cheese?”

Unfortunately, that’s where the conversation ended, because he spotted an old crony and hurriedly departed in mid-sentence. Later he waved back and said, “we’ll talk.”

Somehow I’m doubtful.