Passion, Prem and Burqa Boxers.


Last week, my friends Jonathan and Leilah introduced me to Premlatha (Prem) Durham, who is conducting an ongoing Instagram survey of “passionate” people and their stories, as a prelude to a documentary she is producing called Burqa Boxers.

Burqa Boxers is a documentary about young Muslim women in Kolkata, India, who are “challenging stereotypes” by learning boxing from Razia Shabnam, one of the first Indian female boxing coaches.

My task for Instagram was to briefly explain how my passion for beer now has morphed into a campaign for mayor, and with it a different but fully complementary set of passions. The photo Prem chose dates to April, when Diana and I visited Lexington.

I hugely enjoyed meeting Prem and hearing about her work. When the time comes to view Burqa Boxers, we certainly will.