Nash, Bored of Works to downtown merchants: Shut up, stop complaining, consider selling nice carrots.

Got tomatoes?

Let’s see if I have this straight.

Business owners who have invested in downtown New Albany with the reasonable expectation of a level playing field, and who conduct their transactions all year-round, observe that temporary unannounced street changes necessitated by a politically-motivated farmers market capital improvement project — one not once discussed or vetted publicly in any coherent way — interferes with their operations on a profitable day of the week.

They follow the instructions handed down to them from above, and make space in their work day to come to the Board of Works  (it not being an option to hold meetings any other time than mornings on a Tuesday, or to communicate with the public in any other manner) so as to make this point: In the absence (yet again) of transparency and communication, and while not questioning the utility of the farmers market itself, why are year-round bricks ‘n’ mortar merchants inconvenienced for the sake of businesses (i.e., the farmers) that are located outside the city?

It’s hardly hoisting the black flag: Shouldn’t they have been part of the conversation, and shouldn’t they have been informed?

The board chews its cud for a week, and then predictably, instead of providing answers to the earnest questions asked, it expresses outrage at being inconvenienced, and abruptly transforms the requests into a referendum on the farmers market itself. The usual suspects are assembled to pledge fealty, denounce the interlopers, and provide vapid theater of the absurd. The Democratic party chairman takes notes, better to bring Redevelopment onto the side of “fundamentally better” conformity.

Not only is this entire charade intellectually dishonest — and I risk insulting the word “intellectual” by connecting it with a politicized appendage like the board of works — but it speaks to the core vindictiveness of the Gahan administration. 

There’ll never be a “zero-budget” consideration of top-down assumptions, which if questioned, will result in the discrediting of the questioner (see: Dan Coffey vs. Diane Benedetti in the 5th).

The only thing missing at yesterday’s by-the-numbers show trial was Warren Nash selling popcorn and admission tickets, with a percentage of the proceeds going directly to Jeff Gahan’s re-election fund.

Perhaps Antiques Attic can purchase penance by paying its Temerity Tax directly to the mayor.

Board gives vote of confidence to New Albany Farmers Market, by Chris Morris (Repel the Interlopers Digest)

NEW ALBANY — The New Albany Farmers Market isn’t going anywhere — at least not for the next nine weeks.

The New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety gave the market a vote of confidence Tuesday, which means Bank Street, from Market to Spring, will remain closed from 6 a.m. to around 1 p.m. each Saturday for vendors to sell goods until the Farmers Market pavilion renovations are completed in July.