City Hall non-transparency yet again: Independent downtown businesses negatively impacted by Saturday farmers market street closing.

I tell ya, crosswalks — they get no respect.

The following is reprinted as posted on Facebook by Antiques Attic.

It is worth noting that during Mayor Gahan’s tenure, there has yet to be public input in any credible form as to the operation, location and disposition of the farmers market.

That isn’t snark, just truth. Why can’t this City Hall communicate? It must be because it doesn’t want to communicate.

Part One.

This is a rant about the way things get done here in downtown New Albany.

Who had the idea that it would be ok to move the vendors of the Farmer’s Market around the corner on Bank Street? Was any consideration given as to how it might affect the two businesses there? (Mulberry House Antiques and soon opening Coqui’s Cafe)?

Be careful before answering because they had no previous knowledge that the street was going to be blocked for vendors on each saturday (till October?). If someone had communicated with them in advance maybe it could have went smoother and without upset.

Can someone tell me if it is illegal to park on the sidewalk? The vendors were two wheel on the street and two wheel on the sidewalk behind their booths. Is that how you get away or around the law?

Before making the decision, if you had talked to these businesses you may have heard some good reasoning why this was harmful for them. First they were not prepared in advance to advise their customers there would not be any parking for them on each saturday. Plus if you want to buy something big or heavy at the Antique Mall we will not be able to get you close by , let alone help to load the merchandise. Also vehilcles parked on the sidewalk will further block access to and from.

Something else of interest is the fact that in the Antique business every single year the slowest least profitable time are from the middle of Jan until the middle of May. Many reasons I wont go into now, but … when business will begin to pick up to its peak this summer on the busiest day of the week Saturday you will be causing a problem for them called ACCESS EVERY SATURDAY TILL THE END OF OCTOBER POSSIBLY!!!

Curious also is why mostly non local community vendors (in other words they live in different tax zones,not ours, and are seasonal) are given preference and success at the expense of local tax paying citizens and Independent Businesses. Over all most of the businesses are glad the Farmer’s Market is located and successful downtown but no data has ever been provided to showcase that they cause any economic benefit to our city, the rent they pay for booth’s is chump change and again the taxes received is what?!

Could there be other options for the Farmer’s Market while the new market is being built? No doubt, but no one bothered, or at least that is how it seems since no communication goes on in this town with the people that will be affected.

We as downtown Independent Businesses sacrifice for a full week every year being cutoff and out by Harvest Homecoming. Many of us just close and escape. Even an occasional event occurs for a day and the streets get blocked, yeah we deal with and sacrifice then also. SO… without even consulting you want us to sacrifice every saturday during our peak time? Can you argue different? If you can please share this info with us soon so we can bend over and smile.

If this is offensive to anyone out there I am truly sorry but it needs to be said. After all the years of ups and downs running a business in downtown New Albany, a place with no economic development plan geared to help the Independent Businesses that have tried to be a part of hope and revival for this community, for you as leaders or authorities to consisitantly make decisions without communication with those affected SHAME ON YOU

OK now you are aware that it was not the best choice what are you going to do to correct the issue????

As I stated above my attempts to communicate by email or facebook posts are deleted and not responded to. Just when you feel like doing business in downtown New Albany could not get any worse, WHAM it does.

Part Two

Part two of the saga concerning the new placement of New Albany Farmers Market around the corner on Bank Street. Talked to City Clerk this morning advised upset about situation and ask where should we start for complaint? Advised the City Clerks office passed thru after the Board of Works was given the request with the stipulation or requirement of approval by the businesses in area. When request was admitted it said it had had been discussed with businesses and no problem so passed. Well someone was apparently LYING (politically correct MISSPOKE) because those businesses immediately affected and us around the corner were never approached on the subject.

We were told we would need to speak with the @New Albany Board of Public Works and now have an appointment with them tomorrow morning. Will it be revoked? That is our goal. We are also planning to contact all @New Albany City Council Members on the matter to make them aware also. I have also sent an email copy of this post to the person in charge of the Farmer’s Market.

We are not “The Sky is Falling” personality types but this will have an impact on those businesses directly affected and others in area. This could make or break those businesses affected. Reaction possibilities by the businesses affected could be failure when it would normally be a peak time, or even considerations of moving out to a diiferent location or just closing their doors.