Matt sez: Big Four Burgers + Beer NA to open next Wednesday, May 13.

Photo credit: Matt McMahan

At Facebook, Matt McMahan reports that Big Four Burgers + Beer’s second location in New Albany will open next Wednesday, May 13.

It’s another milestone in the year to date for New Albany’s dining scene.

Earth Friends Cafe began operations in Bank Street Brewhouse.

Donum Dei Brewery (Grant Line Road) started brewing beer and serving light meals in March.

Israel’s Delicias de Mexico Gourmet opened on Market, near Vincennes.

Habana Blues Tapas Restaurant re-opened at its new location on Pearl Street.

Coqui’s Cafe is rehabbing the former Little Chef at Market & Bank, and should be open soon.

The Exchange pub + kitchen on Main and West 1st is building a new patio and outdoor dining area.

Floyd County Brewing Company has a brewer (Josh Hill, late of NABC), and may be up and running by June or July, across the street from The Exchange.

And, as noted previously, the New Albany Restaurant & Bar Association is now a legal entity, and can be found at Facebook.