Actually, listening to Cappuccino bloviate is like confronting death.


I’m told that Monday evening’s council revival meeting, with Fr. Coffey presiding, came about because our ever-calculating 1st district councilman demanded procedural penance for acquiescing to the body’s previous resolution about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

McLaughlin allows Coffey to talk continuously for 2.5 hours in “travesty” of a council meeting.

I wonder why the word “homophobic” springs to mind?

At any rate, for me, being forced to listen to Coffey preach for two and a half hours far exceeds uncertainty about death in terms of potential discomfort, which brings us to this.

For Believers, Talking to Atheists Is Like Confronting Death, by Natalie Shoemaker (Big Think)

… Tom Jacobs from Pacific Standard writes that atheists are not well-liked among believers. Derek Beres says that in his conversations with believers, they think atheists are arrogant, while Jacobs says that others believe that non-believers don’t have any morals. However, a recent study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science provides a reason for this antagonism: “Among believers, the mere contemplation of atheism can arouse intimations of mortality.”

In a brief video at essay’s end, former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank offers advice to atheist politicians: “Don’t call yourself an atheist. It freaks religious people out.” It’s a video worth watching.