Baylor for Mayor petitions can be signed at Destinations Booksellers.


In order to run for mayor as an independent, I’m required to gather the signatures of roughly 300 registered voters residing in New Albany. Last evening, we collected a few dozen more, and the petition is available for signing at Destinations Booksellers (604 E. Spring Street) during regular business hours, Monday through Saturday. Just drop by, and Randy will point you to the clipboard.

By signing, you are not promising to vote for me or anyone else, and you are not supporting or opposing the two-party system. You’re merely exercising your citizenship by requesting that an independent candidate (that’s me) be allowed to contest the election. The petition is a mechanism for providing more democracy to the election cycle. Surely we all can agree that more democracy is to be preferred, rather than less.

Thanks very much to those of you who’ve already signed. The petition process may not be perfect, but it strikes me as appropriately grassroots, so if you are a New Albanian registered voter, please consider signing the petition.