Baylor for Mayor Primary Petition Party at Destinations Booksellers this Tuesday evening.


Yesterday was lovely, and so we took a walk down to Sojourn Church and voted early.

Previously I explained my ballot choices in excruciating detail, and given that nothing occurred in the intervening week to alter the tableau, so it went. Come Wednesday morning, the march to November begins.

Obviously, primary elections exist for the benefit of established political parties and their machines, and it would make far more sense to run non-denominational local grassroots elections, but this is not the case and we must live with it.

From the start, I’ve resolved to await the first winnowing before beginning my own campaign for mayor in earnest. The road map will be a bit clearer on Tuesday night, when we’ll also be staging a modest primary and petition-signing party with light refreshments and incisive commentary at Destinations Booksellers, 604 E. Spring Street.

There’ll be a couple more Baylor for Mayor events in May, which I’ll describe in greater detail at a later date.

But first, drop by on Tuesday evening as we examine the post-primary landscape.