What they’re saying: Kevin Zurschmiede’s video for WNAS.


As the weeks have passed in route to May’s primary election, for which voting already is underway and will conclude on May 5 with what is still quaintly known as Election Day, I’ve referenced periodic public candidate statements of substance, generally unretouched, as lifted from social media and news reports. 

Again: Public. Not what was transmitted on the sly during a brief chat in a smoke-filled back room, but what has been transparent and in the open. Familiar gems such as “yard signs win elections, not people” and “donate to my campaign first, and maybe I’ll have something of merit to say much, much later” have been omitted. 

That’s because my aim has been to determine whether any at all of our declared candidates have had anything at all to say, and I’ve quoted all candidates, from any and all parties, whether or not they’re involved in a contested race.

Happily, most have had something of value to offer. 

Republican mayoral candidate Kevin Zurschmiede offers an overview of his campaign platform in this video clip for WNAS, New Albany High School’s television and radio station. Zurschmiede is unopposed in the primary.

Kevin Zurschmiede’s web site

Kevin Zurschmiede’s Fb page