David White wants all NA merchants assured of being harmed by Padgett’s lawsuit to attend a David White party at Padgett.


Surreal, isn’t it?

Padgett, et al, currently are pursuing a lawsuit that in effect, personally attacks my interests both as a Spring Street homeowner and as a downtown business stakeholder. That’s because Padgett and confederates oppose all “complete streets” measures to improve the independent business climate downtown and to increase property values and quality of life in the neighborhoods.

Padgett’s chosen surrogate has been an obviously anger-crazed and demented Irv Stumler, who somehow has managed to tell more lies to locals about Jeff Speck’s downtown street network proposal than John Rosenbarger has about the Main Street project. Gads. Laid end to end, their combined whippers would reach the planet Mars.

White himself has chosen to dismiss street grid reform as something that must wait, and in truth, he never seems to have grasped the meaning of it. Now, with his choice of political bedfellows, it’s fairly obvious why.

At this point in time, perhaps the only choice remaining in the primary election is an emergency bulk shipment of body condoms. In good conscience, all I can do is refrain from voting for Jeff Gahan — and yet here, as a reflection of my annoying fair-mindedness, is David White’s plea for you to come and break bread with the people who oppose you interests.


Just an FYI for you and the downtown merchants. There will be a Meet and Greet for David White for Mayor – hosted this Saturday, April 25 from 2:00-4:00 at Padgett, Inc. in downtown New Albany. Daisy’s will have desserts and beverages available. I will be there to answer any questions.

Thanks – David