It’s the hologram, Adam: Jeff Gahan’s refusal to debate David White insults New Albany voters.


Late last week, the sycophants inhabiting Team Gahan circled their rickety wagons and condemned the Courier-Journal for not somehow compelling Jeff Gahan to return phone calls.

Jeff Gahan texts Greg Fischer: “OMG, the CJ called, LOL.”

Shunning the C-J is inexplicable, but for Gahan to duck David White’s frequent invitations to publicly debate the issues is all too understandable. The mayor is incapable of improvisation, and simply cannot hold serve in unscripted settings. Team Gahan knows this, and shelters him accordingly.

We might appeal to the Democratic Party chairman, but Adam Dickey is anything but neutral. He sits on the Redevelopment Commission, instigator of TIF-funded capital projects designed to serve as re-election photo ops. Gahan’s corporate attorney, Shane Gibson, manages the party’s money. The incumbent’s campaign war chest is sufficient to spend in excess of $10 per voter, with cash left over to buy multiple rounds of Bud Light longnecks at the Roadhouse.

David White is on the outside looking in — into an incestuous political fix, that is.