Calm down, Irv: “Why one-way streets are bad for everyone but speeding cars.”


As the rock group once suggested, shout it out loud.

“What we’re doing when we put one-way streets there, is we’re over-engineering automobility at the expense of people who want a more livable environment.”
— William Riggs

Irv Stumler thinks none of this matters so long as we plant some flowers, because after all, successful folks like him live in neighborhoods like Silver Hills, which wouldn’t ever tolerate one-way streets.

It is my understanding that Irv comes unhinged at the mere mention of these words: Dr. John Gilderbloom.

That’s a mode of derangement worth remembering. As the nation absorbs and applies Gilderbloom’s impeccable research, Irv lurches from door to door, spinning tall tales about street closings, Spring Street medians and gulags for truckers.

I’ve heard Xanax can help with that, Irv, especially when sprinkled over corn flakes.

Why one-way streets are bad for everyone but speeding cars, by Emily Badger (Washington Post)

… By making these roads work more efficiently for cars, we made them more dangerous for people, we depressed the value of property around them, and we created places that also became a magnet for crime.