Break out the Bud Light, because the Sanctioned Monument to the Glorious Usual Heroes of the Bicentennial Park Cash Unlimited Uprising is scheduled for unveiling soon.


10:06 p.m. update: It has been pointed out to me that Vic Megenity’s name does not appear on the plaque shown below. Remember that time he came before council and asked for a Bicentennial Commission audit … nah, that couldn’t be the reason. 

The devil’s in the “details,” or so “they” say.

But most would agree that BicenPk is a “fun”damentally better corner, as implemented by “courageous” and “selfless” public servants … say, wait: Isn’t that the new, “unofficial” city seal/marketing tool/branding mechanism right there, engraved on a plaque meant to last forever, even beyond the time when Shayruff Duggins has been exiled all the way back to Clark County?

Like they always say: Every tarp costs a thousand bucks.

Let’s all rejoice in the promise of a “better” tomorrow, and a plaque at every house, even as we speculate whether the required tithe on the part of the stone mason has pushed Team Gahan over the $100K mark.