What they’re saying: A potpourri of McCourt, Collins and Keeler.


As the weeks go past in route to May’s primary election, I’m providing periodic candidate statements of substance, mostly unretouched, as lifted from social media and news reports. Familiar gems such as “yard signs win elections, not people” and “donate to my campaign first, and maybe I’ll have something of merit to say much, much later” will be omitted. That’s because it is my aim to determine whether our declared candidates have anything to say at all, and I’ll quote all candidates, from any and all parties, whether or not they’re in a contested race. Just promising change and new ideas without divulging them won’t cut the mustard, aspirants.

First up: Apologies for thus far omitting mention of Vicki Glotzbach, who is seeking re-election to the office of city clerk. She has a Facebook campaign page.

Republican council candidate (6th district) Noah McCourt has had much to say of late, and you are invited to read his posts at Facebook.

I had the opportunity to speak with my fellow candidates Dr. Al Knable and local historian Dave Barksdale. We talked about our approach to campaigning and how we as potential city officials need to be straight forward with the community. I agree with Dr. Knable “I’m not going to simply tell people what they want to hear to get elected.” The simple truth of the matter is this city is struggling financially. We as a community can not take four more years of reactionary spending, unsustainable development and irresponsible TIF practices. The shopping spree needs to end. I respect the many members of the community for willing to be honest about the issues, Now let’s get the government on the same level. Vote Knable, Barksdale and McCourt and Put some honesty back in city hall

Over in the 5th district, Democratic challenger Dustin Collins mentions a facet of economic development that should be discussed more often.

The next generation of jobs will be technology: whether energy, internet, or another technology that is only an idea today. We need to invest in technological infrastructure like fiber optic internet. These jobs won’t wait for us; we owe it to the future of our city, and her workers, to start exploring ways to invest in tomorrow’s jobs. I am committed to making New Albany a place where the jobs of the future can locate today.

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At-large council hopeful Adam Keeler, a Democrat, shares a link and provides commentary: Bill to remove Ritz as education chair passes Senate committee (WTHR).

This is absurd. My heart goes out to Glenda Ritz. When we start removing elected officials from office we are no longer a democracy. Mike Pence has given the state of Indiana another black eye. Education is extremely important in today’s world. Please get out and vote this year!

Voting information is compiled at the Floyd County Clerk’s web site. Know where and when you can vote.