Dueling resolutions: Dan Coffey has nothing whatever to do except waste council time on agenda formalities.


Of all the conceivable ways that New Albany’s city council might use its time … but what we get is this. Why must this city be held captive by imbecility?

First, Dan Coffey wants “his” council (make no mistake, it’s his toy) to return to the use of a prayer that has never once been stipulated in ordinance — ever.

ON THE AVENUES SPECIAL: The proper separation of church and council.

Next, John Gonder counters with what must surely be Monty Pythonesque satire in the form of a “compromise” to resolve a problem that does not exist (see below).

The suspense is killing me.

Will Scott Blair remain consistent to his resolution allergy after openly vowing earlier this week to support the rote recitation of Christian (only) prayer prior to the council’s usual expeditions into inanity?