What others are saying: Collins, Benedetti, Indiana Equality Action and the 5th district council race.


As the days pass in route to May’s primary election, I’m providing periodic candidate statements of substance, mostly unretouched, as lifted from social media and news reports. Familiar gems such as “yard signs win elections, not people” and “donate to my campaign first, and maybe I’ll have something of merit to say much, much later” will be omitted. That’s because it is my aim to determine whether our declared candidates have anything to say at all, and I’ll quote all candidates, from any and all parties, whether or not they’re in a contested race. Just promising change and new ideas without divulging them won’t cut the mustard, aspirants.

When is the last time a statewide Indiana PAC has gotten involved with a New Albany city council race? It seems to be happening right now, if this direct e-mail received earlier this evening is any indication. It offers rhetorical support to Democratic candidate Dustin Collins, who is challenging incumbent Diane Benedetti in the 5th district primary.

It can’t be said we didn’t see it coming: What they’re saying … about each other.

Nate Nahler is the president of Indiana Equality Action, an “Indiana non-profit corporation consisting of individuals and organizations dedicated to advancing equal rights for and fighting discrimination against all Hoosier citizens regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The text of Nahler’s e-mail follows.

Dear Roger,

Over the past few weeks, we have seen the reputation of the State of Indiana dragged through the mud by politicians ignoring the will of the voters and pandering to their base. With RFRA being passed by a super majority in the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Pence, we realize now more than ever the importance of supporting elected officials who reflect our values.

In New Albany, a sitting City Councilwoman–who abstained when a resolution to oppose HJR3 was brought before the New Albany City Council–has attempted to slander her primary challenger’s reputation to solidify her political position. Those closest to the Councilwoman have begun knocking on doors and asking supporters of Dustin Collins, her primary challenger, whether they know he’s gay. Is this what we have come to expect out of our elected representatives?

Today I write in support of Dustin and the vision he has for New Albany and the State of Indiana. Dustin (a former member of the military, former staff member for the Freedom Indiana campaign, and a former staff member for the Indiana Democratic Party) has already made many gains in the City of New Albany. Even before the upcoming elections, citizens are already approaching him with their concerns and he is already beginning to solve them….imagine what he could do once elected!

Dustin can’t win this election on his own, he needs your help! All of us must stand up and support these candidates and take our home back! This is where you can help. Please consider volunteering or making a financial donation so we can work to fight back against this whisper campaign. Anything you can do to help the campaign succeed is very much appreciated!

Indiana Equality Action
PO Box 20621
Indianapolis, IN 46220