A Mayoral Candidate’s Progress, No. 1: Insider Louisville profile and a Fb page.


Thanks to Erica Rucker for this “intro” piece at Insider Louisville.

New Albany brewer Roger Baylor explains why he’s taking a break from his businesses to run for mayor

Of course, without great people working at those businesses, this wouldn’t be possible. As Freddie Mercury once said, “I thank you all.”

The Baylor for Mayor campaign page went up at Facebook on Tuesday afternoon, and as of this writing, we’ve gathered 332 likes.

Work begins this weekend on a web site, which is intended as a more detailed repository for platform planks. As these appear at the web site, they’ll be posted at the Facebook page, which is a better venue for conversation.

It isn’t yet clear to me how NA Confidential will proceed during the period of the campaign. For now, we await the conclusion of the primary election, and the finalizing of the petitions necessary to run for mayor as an independent candidate.

Note that whether the topic is my campaign Fb page or the petitions, an essential element in my requesting your participation at this stage is establishing recognition that independent candidacies actually belong in the American system of governance — particularly at the grassroots level in places like New Albany, which fairly beg for a greater variety of choice than that represented by the number two.

Naturally, I’ll be asking those of you who live in New Albany to vote for me, but what is of greater importance is the very existence of a candidate espousing ideas that make him or her worth selecting. If concepts like connectivity, sustainability, transparency and modernity cannot be stitched together from the vantage point of the sidewalk in front of our homes, where can they be?

Thanks for your support.