Nash on bikes: “Roads were here before automobiles.”

Nice place for a ride — if you’re a Humvee.

It’s simply amazing how much fathers might learn from sons, if they only listened.

NASH: We need more bike lanes (News and Tribune)

… One person at the last “Speck” street study forum argued that we do not need bicycle friendly streets because we have the Ohio River Greenway for bicycle riding. It was one of the more ignorant statements in the argument of “walkable” streets that I heard. Most people would prefer a safe way to get to the “Greenway” or other recreational facilities without having to drive.

New Albany can be considered a bike friendly town by implementing the recommendations in the “Speck” plan. Now is the time for us to decide whether or not we want to be a vibrant downtown with safe access for bikers, walkers, and automobiles. A street with bikes, once the drivers get used to them, is a place where cars proceed more cautiously.