No, Mayor Gahan, Indatus is not one of the “indie” bands playing at Bicentennial Park this summer.


Contributed by a friend, who is absolutely on target.

On Thursday, President Obama will visit a business that should could have stayed in New Albany if New Albany had a plan to install fiber optic and infrastructure support for tech savvy companies.

Indatus added 100 new jobs to their staff when they moved from New Albany – good paying jobs.

We’ll get a pool not yet paid for, (although) it may be paid for with higher taxes levied on a shrinking population in a decade or two …

In the mean time, Obama will visit, inspect and praise a high tech business in Louisville that could have easily stayed in New Albany if there had been a proactive plan to retain, attract and support the kinds of jobs that build a city up.

Our city’s plan? Maintain a decaying, declining status quo.