Gads! Nash furious as Al Knable is spotted with Democrats … well, his yard sign, at least.


In yet another lamentable outbreak of inexplicably shoddy Democratic Party pre-election discipline, Al Knable’s yard sign now joins a row of “other” party candidates, just two doors down from the 1117 East Spring Neighborhood Association.

With the weekly Bored of Works meeting less than an hour from convening, the Green Mouse reports apoplexy on the part of Warren Nash, the venerable political hack who guards the mayor against responsiveness.

How’s that for a non-sequitur?

Nash, who regards “New Age” thinking in rigid political machines s heresy, is said to be (finally) reading the city ordinances, so as to find the one prohibiting co-habitation of political party signage on the acreage of seated council persons’ yards.

Wait, there it is … “signage cannot substantially burden the free exercise of a superannuated Democratic politician’s exercise of cliquishness.”

We can hear it now:

“CCE, we command you to excavate this yard.”