Today at NABC’s Bank Street Brewhouse: Session Head 2015, with brunch from Earth Friends Cafe.


Just because I’m on a leave of absence doesn’t mean I can’t disseminate information. Session Head is today.

NABC’s 4th annual Session Head begins Sunday, March 29 at Bank Street Brewhouse

For the fourth “small” year, NABC is delighted to help raise session beer consciousness with Session Head. While April 7 remains the actual nationwide date for observation of Session Beer Day, NABC will mark the occasion on Sunday, March 29 at Bank Street Brewhouse so that a very special guest can join us for the fun.

It’s close friend and former NABC employee Richard Atnip, who will be in attendance on the 29th along with four session-strength beers brewed by his current employer, New Holland Brewing Company of Holland, Michigan.

Earth Friends Cafe is rounding into its full daily program with weekend brunch, beginning at 10:00 a.m. All told, BSB now is open longer hours, meaning more chances to drink Beers of Proven Merit with excellent food.

From the BSB Fb feed:

Brunch is now being served on Saturday and Sunday. Full cocktail menu will be available next week, but there is plenty of beer (of, course) – and we are now serving lattes and cappuccinos.

More details are here: Earth Friends Cafe now open at Bank Street Brewhouse, hours and menu here

And finally, this is Stephen: