One of these things just doesn’t belong (hint: Steve Zissou).


Can you tell which thing is not like the others?

Meanwhile, there no longer can be any doubt that New Albany is Kool-Aid’s best market. Hereabouts, folks drink it like Kool-Aid.

ON THE AVENUES: Jeff Gahan, the Speck proposals, and City Hall’s $75,000 roll of toilet paper. (January 12, 2015)

Jeff Speck’s Downtown Street Network Proposal arrived last week, so let’s talk about how Jeff Gahan’s hermetic City Hall is going to butcher it …

… Unfortunately,it’s a beautiful blueprint likely to land on the trash pile far faster than our array of inflatable industrial park incentives. That’s because apart from the city engineer, and perhaps John “Machiavelli” Rosenbarger himself in rare and fleeting moments, when he’s on his meds … there isn’t a soul in the inner municipal circle able or willing to understand it. They don’t live it. Words on a page don’t make their hearts sing, but Dixiecrat voters do, and that’s why street reform backers will be sold downriver.