New Albany’s new slogan: “Truck Through City” … Part 81: Bored of Works versus Irv Stumler, no holds barred.


Cisa Barry
Bumped into Irv Stumler today, who was passing out postcards raising questions about the “Missing: Facts about the Street Conversion.” After telling him that I am in favor of the street study and proposed conversions he was completely shocked to find out that I had actually read “the whole 110 pages.” And here I thought it was a common practice to research something before forming an opinion on it.

Roger A. Baylor
There’s as much reason to question Irv’s judgment and his sincerity now, in his present jihad against proposals he hasn’t read, as when he ran for a mayor as a Democrat in 2011, evidently unaware that a simple web search would show his previous campaign donations to the GOP and the Tea Party. Then as now, he believes we’re stupid. Then as now, we’re not. The result is Irv embarrassing himself, and that’s just sad.

Jeff Gillenwater
Irv is probably surprised to learn that young women read. If you want some real fun, take a look at the “studies’ they’re touting on Stumler’s NewAlbany4All (except people who actually read) site. Roger’s last three sentences couldn’t be more apropos. Chris Morris should be writing editorials about just how far Stumler and crew will go in trying to mislead the public.