Nash: “Can we make our town a little cleaner than it was before?”


I couldn’t agree more strongly. To me, it’s a variation of the broken windows theory. Treat streets like interstate highways, and they’ll just become dirtier. Refuse to consider relatively minor expenditures to upgrade properties under the theory that property owners have a “right” not to be held accountable … same deal. People mimic their surroundings, don’t they?

For so long as the DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party profits from slovenliness, I suppose we’re stuck with it.

NASH: Time for spring cleaning, by Matthew Nash (News and Tribune)

… Just the other day I was at the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. Right next to the speaker where you give your orders were two Styrofoam cups. One was for a different fast food restaurant and the other was from one of the local “convenience” stores that offers low cost fountain drinks. There was also a glass bottle of YooHoo! And several cigarette butts. Why do people treat our city like this?