Duggins tells Redevelopment that in spite of CM Benedetti, Slate Run Road will get election year sidewalks.


Congratulations, residents of Slate Run Road.

It’s an election year, and coincidentally, the verdant and burbling TIF springs have miraculously replenished coffers just in time to promise those of you living between Charlestown Road and Slate Run Elementary that your kids will have sidewalks soon.

As for the rest of you, most of whom voted at one time or another for Diane Benedetti or Randy Smith, your compliance with the city’s new Fundamentally Better Voter program will be checked closely to determine whether you are worthy of further implementation — and Adam’s writing the software as we speak.

Just look for Mickey Mouse logo on your ballot, and select accordingly.

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During the overview of the city’s seven TIF districts, Duggins said the first phase of sidewalk and street improvements for Slate Run Road will likely commence this year.

The entire project — which would include the addition of sidewalks along Slate Run Road — is estimated to cost $3.6 million. It has been included in projects to be funded through the Charlestown Road TIF district, but work has been delayed for the past four years.

Funding has been an issue, as there are more than $12.8 million in projects under construction or that have been proposed that are to be paid out of the Charlestown Road TIF district.

The district had a cash balance at the end of 2014 of just more than $5 million, and is expected to garner an additional $1.6 million in TIF proceeds this year.

Instead of tackling the entire project at once, Duggins said improvements will be implemented in phases. The first phase — which would cost about $1.9 million — would see sidewalks added and upgrades made on and along Slate Run Road from near the Charlestown Road intersection to just past Slate Run Elementary School.

“We’re finishing engineering design on that,” Duggins said.