More information needed: Coqui’s Cafe, coming soon to NA at …


… the old Little Chef/Updogs/Muscle Monkey location?

Coqui’s Cafe’s Facebook page says it is a Caribbean-American restaurant and bakery. Frequent reader T says that Coqui’s Cafe is destined for the former Little Chef. However, there’s a “for sale” listing at Craig’s List, according to which the old Little Chef’s address is 147 E. Market, with 305/07 “adjoining” it (i.e., the antique shop).

The Facebook page has the address of Coqui’s Cafe as 305 Bank Street, but the map shows a location on a residential area on Alabama Avenue in Sellersburg. There are numerous mouthwatering photos of various flans and baked goods — currently a home-based production for farmers markets?

Who has the scoop?