“Firehouses old and new.”


Ahrens J. Fox maintains a Fb page called “Firehouses old and new.” I asked him to tell me more about his project, and he did. As I explained to him, I’m not a devotee of firefighting culture, but history and architecture interest me, especially the repurposing aspect. The photo above was borrowed from the library.

Best of luck to Ahrens, and I’ll continue eavesdropping.

Firehouses old and new

I am a retired volunteer fire fighter of 14 years locally. My interest was to follow my dream somehow, then after my illness in 2013, with all my spare time looking at other pages, commenting and sharing, I decided to make my own page. Well, my page is called Firehouses old and new, started in 2013 to document the history of our local fire stations, throughout Floyd County and other counties here in Indiana, to keep the History alive. As you know, historic buildings don’t always last. Some are fixed up and re-purposed, most are either torn down or falling down and gone forever. I even managed to cross the bridge into Kentucky and photographed some there, also. I then added my Facebook friends, and they added or told theirs, and my page exploded with many members. At last count it was 4,000+. These member’s are either firefighters both local and abroad, historians, and Fire Dept. buffs.