Bank Street Brewhouse: “Farewell to Taco Punk, hello to a new (ad)venture.”


Taking an eight-month leave of absence wasn’t ever going to be easy.

Like most other aspects of life, it’s starting out as a gray and foggy transition, not a black ‘n’ white denouement. That said, it’s still a bid strange seeing announcements I didn’t write. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to guess that since 1992, more than 90% of NABC’s “content” has been my doing.

Of course, JeffG does the wording succinctly (a skill I’ve never truly learned) and wonderfully, and so we move forward. If all goes as planned, the tenant coming soon to fill the vacancy should be a very good fit with longer hours than Gabe could offer, and a fuller menu. I’d tell you more about it, except that I’m out of the loop … on leave, remember?

It seems like longer, but only ten months have elapsed since we closed the original BSB kitchen, after a five year run that seemed more like 50. If there’s any single lesson worth learning when you’re in it for the long haul, it’s that these things can take time.

Farewell to Taco Punk, hello to a new (ad)venture (NABC website)

In the continuing evolution of NABC’s Bank Street Brewhouse, it’s sometimes necessary to end one good thing so that another good thing can take its place. With that in mind, we announce that our ride with Taco Punk has reached its conclusion. Effective immediately, Taco Punk service at BSB is no more. We greatly appreciate Gabe Sowder’s efforts and wish him well in his future endeavors. The tacos were great. We ate lots of them …