Adam Dickey targets David White, who ducks. First round of yawns are on me.


In which lawyer and local Democratic establishment apparatchik Nick Stein represents a labor union official in contesting the candidacy of a challenger to the Gahan’s Gang That Can’t Plan Straight.

Evidently Republicans like White masquerading as DemoDisneyDixiecrats like Gahan pose a mortal threat to the gang’s Swiss cheese hegemony.

Meanwhile, the Gahan administration refuses to hold the GOP’s Kevin Zurschmiede accountable for the late, lamented Hot Potato Spa. To make sense of all this, it would be useful to know exactly who has been doing the lamentations. Keith Henderson probably knows … and he ain’t saying.

Aren’t these penny-ante, small-pond political Olympiads tiresome?

I suggest voting for a principled independent come November. 

Daniel Suddeath, News and Tribune
NEW ALBANY — The three-member Floyd County Election Board unanimously voted to uphold New Albany mayoral candidate David White’s residency during a Friday hearing, thus keeping him eligible for the May city primary.