War zone: Look, ma, NA now “battles converting one-way streets to two-way.”


Good exposure for the rational streets cause v.v. the Bookseller and John Smith.

New Albany battles converting one-way streets to two-way, by Fallon Glick (WDRB)

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) – Increasing downtown business and pedestrian safety in New Albany is what some people say would happen if one-way streets were converted to two-way streets.

“Two Way Streets Now” signs are posted in front of homes and businesses that are accustomed to seeing speeding traffic.

“It’s like walking on the interstate,” Randy Smith said.

And that’s exactly what quality-of-life economic extractors like trucking companies so heartily desire: Interstate conditions.

Opponents of the proposal are worried about head-on collisions with two-way streets. Companies like Padgett Inc. are also concerned New Albany would no longer be construction friendly.

Good job, guys.