New Albany’s new slogan: “Truck Through City” … Part 72: It’s a BOW snorefest Tuesday, and according to Wes Christmas, what you are seeing isn’t happening.


If I’m to believe my own two eyes, that semi is DIVERTING from the Main Street corridor. Fortunately, I’m using Wes Christmas’s two eyes, and he says, “In short the items are an indication of the intent of the project and the efforts the design team and City staff made to create a corridor that is safe and walkable while continuing to serve the same vehicles it did prior to construction.”

He’s an engineer. I foolishly trust my own two eyes.

The peculiar charm of Truck Through City is the way 80,000 lb behemoths accent the historic architecture. It’s almost like ballet, isn’t it?

No, the BakeMark guy wasn’t delivering biscuits to St. Mary’s. He was trying to beat the stop light at 7th.

Somewhere behind this one, there’s a restaurant we urge visitors to patronize. Nice view.

Face it: You want to break out the bicycle and ride right alongside him.

Later this week, the mayor’s presumed re-enthronement begins at the Culbertson Mansion, on Main Street. It’s the only place downtown he could find for a photo-op without a Tiger Truck thundering past to shake the camera.

Sorry, Wes, I keep forgetting.

What my own two eyes keep seeing, and what shakes the windows early in the morning and far into the night, isn’t really happening.

It’s all a figment of Warren’s Naps.