Two Way Streets Now — a community at Facebook. Go like it now, please.


This being New Albany, after all — a place where we’re wonderfully and delightfully us, whether it is beneficial or otherwise — perhaps it should come as no surprise that the advent of a Facebook community dedicated to grassroots advocacy of Jeff Speck’s Downtown Street Network Proposal would produce this comment:

“Go back to lanesville then and leave New Albany alone.”

Seems we have one lower case vote against immigration. Although this particular Duck Dynasty viewer has yet to offer his views on Speck’s specific proposals, we can surmise that he works as the restroom attendant at New Albany’s internationally renowned Open Air Museum of Ignorance, Superstition and Backwardness.

Meanwhile, Two Way Streets Now is up at Facebook. I’ll let John explain in his own words.

My name is John L. Smith and I am an attorney, resident and business owner in downtown New Albany. My wife Jessica, daughter Emma and our two German Shepherds (Belle and Bruno) have been living downtown for about a year after moving from Lanesville. We have a unique perspective (and obviously a profound interest) in seeing Two Way Streets being implemented in New Albany Now! In an effort to mobilize downtown businesses, residents, stakeholders and the general public that share our vision of New Albany, I have created this page. Our goal is to make sure our elected officials (and those responsible for changing the streets to Two Way Now!) hear our voices. We welcome all help and support to the cause.