Nash outlines the common-sense case for Speck.


Somehow avoiding my rhetorical flourishes …

Matt correctly notes the likelihood that “the general public will be very boisterous” in opposing Speck’s proposals. These criticisms will come down to this one, recurring, distilled point:

“But the sole purpose of streets is to get my car through them, from one end of town to the other, or wherever I want to go, as quickly as possible.”

It’s how the city and citizen proponents answer this “critique” that will determine whether we undertake the best civic investment opportunity in our collective lifetimes, or remain the metro area’s Open Air Museum of Ignorance, Superstition and Backwardness.

In point of fact, as verified at numerous junctures nationwide, Matt’s case is the common sense case.

NASH: New Albany at a crossroads, by Matt Nash (N and T)

The time has come for the city of New Albany to make some important decisions on how the traffic flows through our city, now and in the future.

The actions we take today will have an effect on our community for decades and we cannot afford to make the wrong decisions. If we haven’t made the proper changes we will be at the mercy of commuter traffic in less than two years when the new Ohio River bridges open and begin charging tolls. We must act fast, but also act strategically so that the proper decisions can be made by us and not for us.