Get your Sunday alcohol sales facts straight, Grant Monahan.


I suppose Grant Monahan, who earns his living lobbying for big box retailers, submitted this letter to every remaining newspaper editor in the state, so it would be nice for him (or, more likely, his ghostwriter) to follow it up with a retraction, in the sense that Sunday “carryout sales for consumption at home” is not a blanket prohibition, and Indiana consumers actually do have a choice, which I’ll now reiterate for perhaps the 1,001st time.

Craft breweries and farm wineries in Indiana may vend their wares “to go” on Sunday. Thank you.

Monahan’s downtown Indianapolis office, which is located within easy fluffing distance of the statehouse complex, also lies very close to more than one brewery selling house-brewed, carry-out adult beverages on Sunday.

Open your eyes, douchebag.

Retail leader pushes for Sunday alcohol sales

The logic behind allowing Sunday sales in Indiana is simple. It gives consumers a choice and makes their lives more convenient. Sunday has become the second biggest shopping day of the week, but because of our archaic laws, Hoosiers are prohibited from purchasing a consumer product that is legal to buy responsibly six days a week, but not on Sunday. It also gives retailers a choice. They can choose to sell alcohol on Sunday or they can choose not to do so. Like consumers, the choice is theirs.

Indiana is the only state in the U.S. that allows the sale of alcohol by the drink at bars, restaurants and sports venues on Sunday yet prohibits carryout sales for consumption at home. Every one of our surrounding states gives consumers the choice, but not Indiana.

— Grant Monahan, president, the Indiana Retail Council, Indianapolis.