UEA asked to foot the bill for $18,000 “luxury apartments” study. Somewhere, Maalox belches.


Two items of interest from the November Urban Enterprise Association meeting minutes.

First, the economic impact study reported earlier by the Green Mouse — you know, the one prefacing the city’s next Mainland-style, big-bucks giveaway to outside developers, even as the streets run one-way (shouldn’t we implement THAT study first?)  … and yes, the word “luxury” actually is used.

That’s just garish, don’t you think? Are we NuLu, or something?

Crowe Horwath Economic Impact Analysis Agreement
Tonya explained this is the next step from Crowe Horwath for downtown housing, they would be doing a more in- depth analysis on what the actual economic impact of residents and the construction of new luxury apartments would do for the entire downtown area. Banks have requested such a study since there has been no previous data for them to use to base a lending decision on. Questions from several board members were asked regarding the background on the first step of Economic Impact Analysis such as “why so much, $18,000 is quite a bit of money; why does the NAUEA have to pay the entire amount?” The board requested a written narrative that would include a more defined scope of the work, if any other department within the city would be sharing the cost, who’s the company looking at purchasing the property, etc.

Of a more routine nature, there’s a facade grant for the building slated to be Chef Israel Landin’s future home. There’ll be a different appearance than when it was his previous (La Rosita’s) home.

Facade Grants:
1. 1513 & 1515 E. Market St., Sprigler Company, repair & fix overhang, new gutters, paint all overhang, new doors & fencing, as well new deck, remove existing broken glass, install new lighting, repair windows and new landscaping. Motion to approve $5,000 made by Matt Bergman, seconded by Ian Hall pending copies of cancelled checks for at least $2,500 worth of work to the property. Motion to approve fa9ade grant for amount above passed by unanimous vote.

The crappy .pdfs are below. Unless a UEA board member speaks for attribution, I’ll be a month behind, seeing as the minutes cannot be shared until they’re approved.