New Albany’s new slogan: “Truck Through City” … Part 58: Yes, the cars all stopped THIS time. Welcome to “public safety” in New Albany.


The cars were roaring down from 15th Street when she started to cross Spring, and yes, all of them stopped. It reminded me that just the other day, a friend who lives on Main Street praised the changes there.

Crossing the street is far safer than before.

That’s wonderful, except that the changes on Main Street have rendered Spring Street even more dangerous to cross than before. This is not a net gain for “public safety” in the city, is it? When another’s “quality of life” is harmed to improve one’s own, there really is no justification for John Rosenbarger to keep his job, is there?

And yes, city government continues to drool absent-mindedly into space, inert and useless, as the trucks just keep on coming.