My Saturday, Part 2: Flat12 Bierwerks Jeffersonville on opening day.


The Vintage Fire Museum gig was nicely attended, but visitors started tapering away around 3:30 p.m., so there was time for me to pack up the taps and check out the new Flat12 Bierwerks location nearby on Riverside Drive for its opening day.

I didn’t bother taking photos while there, and so the one above is borrowed from the Flat12 Facebook page, where you can see other views of the taproom and festivities. Chad Sprigler and family have done a fine job on the taproom space, which includes a deck and a majestic view of the river. There’ll be light snacks on an appetizer/flatbread theme, but it’s meant to be a taproom, not an eatery.

Yesterday’s crowd was big and fun, and I had time to drink a couple beers and shoot the breeze with Rob Caputo, my comrade on the board of the Brewers of Indiana Guild. As I joked with Rob: He gets a state-of-the-art biking and pedestrian bridge to Louisville. Bank Street Brewhouse? We get an outmoded one-way street and some old, rotting jack-o-lanterns.

Facing the now abandoned Democratic HQ, appropriately.

Suffice to say, it’s going to be great fun having Flat12 in Jeffersonville. Now that the taproom is up and running, Flat12’s brewery buildout will be next on the completion list.

Red Yeti finally is brewing for on-site consumption a few blocks from Flat12 on Spring Street, and Donum Dei off Grant Line Road in New Albany is due any minute. Then there’s the as-yet amorphous Wrecker Brewing project on Market Street near my house. In far less than a year, the Sunny Side could go from NABC’s two breweries to six, perhaps more.

And that’s very good.

Drinking Progressively: Let’s make it Tuesday evenings, beginning on November 25.