Is anyone interested in crafting a local platform while drinking craft beer?


Winter is coming, and for me, it’s a less hectic time compared with warm weather and the many outdoor activities that occur then.

And, there’ll be city elections in New Albany next year.

Also, we have the WCTU Reading Room at Bank Street Brewhouse, which can be heated in winter. With luck and enough money, we’ll have it air conditioned by the time the weather heats up in 2015.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to attempt something like the exercise I’m about to suggest. It’s been tried before, here and there, and never to any degree of consistency.

Time: Maybe a Wednesday evening, each week, roughly 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the WCTU Reading Room at BSB.

Idea: A weekly open discussion about what is to be done locally, in any and every sense, in preparation for city elections next year. If you will, the development of the ideal civic platform, shaped by weekly chats and brainstorming. Anyone is welcome, and the intent is ecumenical. The result might serve as a blueprint, or a yardstick. There may or may not be a result. I view it as a loosely organized and evolutionary process. Come and go as you please; no mandatory anything.

How do we make this a place where we want to stay, not leave? Can we?

Is anyone interested in such a reverse brain drain? I’m happy to host it, but it’s Dutch treat on the beers.