2014 ThunderFoot Halloween Hangover release day is Saturday, November 1, at both NABC locations


Although I don’t pay close attention to the “oracle” beer ratings sites, I’m told that ThunderFoot scores well. We haven’t brewed it regularly during past years, but probably will do so again yearly in small batches from now on. The base style is Imperial Stout, which I once described in a Food & Dining magazine column:

Just as exuberantly hoppy India Pale Ale evolved along the shipping lanes from Great Britain to toasty colonial India, robust and jet-black Imperial Stout was adopted by English brewers and traders as the ideal export beverage for cooler northerly markets in Russia and the port cities of the Baltic Sea. Highly alcoholic, displaying intensely roasted and deeply fruity flavors, Imperial Stout is perhaps the only style of beer that can be termed “thick as oil” without a trace of exaggeration.

ThunderFoot is augmented with cherries and oak aging. It is an elegant but strong libation, and any resemblance to the Publican’s size 16s is purely intentional.

ThunderFoot’s story and stats are here.

ThunderFoot’s release day information is here.

In case you’re wondering, Gravity Head 2015 draws ever nearer: February 27, 2015.