More on the New Directions infill fix at 922 and City Hall’s plans for Reisz.


As an addendum to yesterday’s buttoned-up chronicle of covert building removal …

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… is offered by a regular reader, who tells us what is known about the replacement houses, i.e., what could not be publicly discussed by City Hall until after the wrecking ball landed.

New Directions Housing Corporation will soon take title to the property as part of Phase 2 of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. At least one, and maybe two new homes will be built. I am told that they will be “zero lot line” federal style, but that may change. Even though you may not agree with how they went about the demolition of Al Mel’s, you’ve gotta like what NDHC has done with Phase 1 of the NSP. Some of those houses are downright beautiful. I would expect 922 Culbertson to be no different.

A different observer asks a question we’ve been pondering, too.

Why was Dan Coffey so imtimately involved in the tear-down at 922? Why did he push so hard and on whose behalf?

But Thursday’s blog hit count winner evoked shades of Ceausescu.

Same architect as always releases plans for new New Albany City Hall.

It prompted this comment:

Jeff Gahan and Pat McLaughlin are confident that this administration grows more popular by the day (and that’s why) they are already scoping out where to put their new city hall.