Four photographs by David Modica, now at Bank Street Brewhouse.


Last winter, there was a top-notch exhibit at the Carnegie Center.

Of Place at the Carnegie: An “antidote” to the tyranny of our white bread Bicentennial.

Reminder: “Of Place” at the Carnegie, through January 11, 2014.

Subsequently, I purchased four of the black and white photos being shown in the exhibit by David Modica. Yesterday I finally got around to mounting them at Bank Street Brewhouse. The iPhone photos below are fairly horrendous, but at least give you an idea of the appearance. Note how in two of them, reflected colors from the BSB interior lend a certain weirdness. All four are silver gelatin photographs. 

Little Chef at Night, For Edward Hopper 2009

Hugh Bir, Jr., Market Street 2013

Say Cheese! David Thrasher 2013

Primal Scream, Bank Street Brewhouse 2013