Once again, Wick’s Pizza falls victim to the hegemony of the Orange Shirted Harvest Homecoming Mafia. Who runs this town, anyway?


I was told yesterday that New Albany’s Board of Public Works has denied permission to Wick’s Pizza for a party tent outdoors during Harvest Homecoming.

This makes three years and three differing rationales v.v. Wick’s, as the establishment continues to make a good faith effort to be involved during Harvest Homecoming’s booth days.

The only thing consistent about it is inconsistency, but one thing is perfectly clear: Harvest Homecoming’s Orange Shirted Mafia remains the tail wagging this town’s dog, and it’s just plain wrong. I’m so old that I can remember City Hall claiming involvement in arbitrating Harvest Homecoming’s annual downtown havoc.

So much for that, I guess. Let’s have a look back:

August 21, 2013

This year Wick’s can have a tent during Harvest Homecoming, but in 2012, the tail was wagging the dog.

September 26, 2012

Harvest Homecoming: When the tail wags the dog, we pause.