Rick Fox on marriage (in)equality: “The only people that benefit from this situation are the lawyers.”



Lawyers benefit from things like this?

Speaking of which, how many different governmental agencies has Rick Fox represented, sometimes simultaneously?

Did you see how I didn’t use the word “competently”?

As a side note, given that Bill Hanson now has you clicking twice in order to read whole documents, do you think this is intended to double the ad exposure?

I wonder how much traffic I’ve sent to be monitored by Hanson’s ad-sniffers these last ten years?

I wonder if I’ve ever once been given credit down in Montgomery for doing so?

Notice all the questions I’m asking?

But there isn’t any question that marriage equality ranks up there among the most basic of human rights and freedoms, those of which the likes of Rick Fox, Greg Zoeller and Mike Pence are determined to remain unaware.

Don’t worry. They’re on the wrong side of history, and with the passing of time, it will become increasingly obvious.

And rectified.

FOX: A measured take on gay marriage, by Rick Fox (Government Lawyerin’ Cheap)

… I advised the clerk not to issue marriage licenses until I had an opportunity to review what was going on. I told the News and Tribune that I needed to review what was going on before I could advise Floyd County regarding this matter.