Bill Lamb on bicyclists: Tax ’em, kill ’em — whatever.


It isn’t as though WDRB’s Bill Lamb hasn’t shamelessly trolled about bicycling in the past. He has. Case in point: The ‘Ville Voice: “Bill the Bike Bully.”

With the topic being “my car as shriveled phallus extension,” The ‘Ville Voice’s Rick Redding comes in right on cue following yesterday’s venomous NAC exchange on bicycling, automotive traffic, and which one makes us more American in the eyes of our patriotic countrymen.

That’s right; five long years ago, when Redding still manned the controls at The ‘Ville Voice. Now Lamb is back, stoking the road rage brigade, presumably empowered by the knowledge that that there is no known record hereabouts of drivers being prosecuted for killing cyclists under any circumstances.

Now, I hear the Metro Council is considering an ordinance that would tax cyclists through a licensing fee. This is a good idea. First, there is a cost of painting all these new bike lane.

In New Albany, we can’t even “afford” striping for automotive lanes, much less bikes, but I digress This time around it’s Jake Payne applying the rhetorical mascara to Lamb’s wizened visage.

Just when you thought Bill Lamb couldn’t get more disconnected from reality… Taxing cyclists because he’s not man enough to control himself or his emotional reactions. What’ll get his manties in a twist next? This city should be paying cyclists because it gets cars off our already crumbling streets. The environmental benefit is just an added bonus. [WDRB]