Merchant Meeting … Tuesday April 29th, 8:30 a.m.


Will the fried chicken be ready that early?

This meeting represents an effort to revive what used to be called “Merchant Mixer” gatherings, the most (in)famous of which was in 2011, and featured Councilman CeeSaw uttering the immortal words:

Emperor Caesar in 2011: “Change every street to two way (but) not Pearl Street. Pearl Street will NOT be two way.”

As we await the inevitable self-immolation (with novelty cigarette lighter), here’s Stefanie Griffith with the merchant meeting details.

Hi everyone wanted to let you know we are having a merchant meeting at Daisy’s Country Cooking on Tuesday April 29th from 8:30-9:30, please help spread the word to your neighbors!

The plan is to start having monthly meetings again so we are able to plan events and pass information.

At this one we will talk about Night Out New Albany, a new event similar to the trolley hops in Louisville with a twist, have introductions because we have so many new neighbors and get your input, concerns, idea’s so we will know more about what areas we need to be working on.

See you then and remember please tell your neighbors, the more of us that are on the same page the more we will all grow!