First, we need to want to have ideas. Then …


Think about New Albany’s leadership caste.

Think about where the leadership caste gets its information, and how it exercises “leadership.”

Think about how any number of cities in New Albany’s position might benefit from being a pro-active laboratory of change (if it’s been broken for decades, then why not fix it?), and by thinking outside of the stultifying, traditionalist, limiting boxes that invariably yield white bread, by-the-numbers policies and designs for expenditures such as Bicentennial Park and a potential (unnecessary) farmers market “expansion.”

Think about how fresh-think always seems to subjugated to old-think.

Think about how our best and brightest generally seek their futures elsewhere.

Think again about New Albany’s leadership caste, and if you’re still thinking, and haven’t yet decided that Morose Hour might as well begin at 6:30 a.m. on a Tuesday, then read this article … and think about what might be … with some thought.

9 Ideas That Can Change Everything We Think About Cities, by Carina Kolodny and Ashley Woods (The Huffington Post)

 … The race is on for cities around the globe to meet the needs of a rising population amid a changing climate and a shifting technological landscape. The cities of the future will have to balance high-tech advances with sustainable living. Here are nine ways they can do that …